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St. Mary’s County offers a wide variety of historical attractions and outdoor activities. Let’s take a look at some of its most popular events and attractions so you can start planning your next weekend trip to the heart of the Potomac and the Chesapeake!

1. Attend the Coastal Arts Market at the Wharf

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Held one Saturday a month at the Leonardtown Wharf Park, the Coastal Arts Market brings together artists and craftsmen in the Southern Maryland area. With the current health and safety concerns, this 100% outdoor market is the perfect weekend activity. Stop by and select from a variety of handmade products made by our very own artists!

2. Come See Historic Sotterley

Historic Sotterley, located in Hollywood, MD, has a rich history from colonial Britain to the Civil Rights Era. It carries more than three centuries of history and reminds us of America’s past struggles with slavery. This museum rests on over 90 acres of land that are home to more than six miles of trails, a farm, Colonial Revival Gardens, and dozens of historic sites. Two of these sites are the 1703 Manor House and the 1830’s Slave Cabin. Enjoy a guided tour of this landmark from May to October and listen to the stories of those who’ve contributed to its history, both those who lived free, and those who worked as slaves.

3. Visit Point Lookout State Park


Come check out Point Lookout State Park. This park sits between the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River and dates back to the beginning of English colonization. In 1612, Captain John Smith surveyed the area. From 1632 to 1634 it was passed down from George Calvert, Lord Baltimore to his son, Leonard, who was the first governor of Maryland. In 1830, the lighthouse was built and in 1862, Hammond Hospital was built for war soldiers. The hospital, however, no longer exists today.

Over the next few years, once the Battle of Gettysburg ended, over 50,000 Confederate soldiers were detained there and about 4,000 lost their lives. This site’s deep history makes it a popular attraction both for local residents and visitors.


Besides its rich history, the park has a lot to offer nature lovers. Come swim at the beach, walk the nature trail, explore the three water trails, camp, hunt, or fish! Come enjoy all that St. Mary’s has to offer and take a day trip to Point Lookout.

4. Visit St. Clement’s Island State Park


St. Clement’s Island State Park is another popular attraction in St. Mary’s County you might want to consider for a weekend adventure. It sits right off the shore of Colton’s Point in the Potomac and is only accessible via boat. The park has 62 acres of land and a memorial commemorating the first Marylanders who, in 1634, traveled to the island on the Ark and Dove.


At St. Clement’s Island State Park, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, making it a good option for a weekend outing in St. Mary’s County. From April to October, take a boat tour to the island and learn about its historical value for Maryland. You can also hike, enjoy a picnic at the pavilion, and fish or hunt on the land.

5. Visit The Amish and Mennonite Community 

In the 1930s, the Amish and Mennonite community moved to St. Mary’s County, thus contributing to the area’s diverse culture. Take a weekend trip to visit the Amish and Mennonite farms in the Loveville area and look around the markets and shops where you can purchase a variety of handmade products. 

Participate in the Amish Quilt Auction

This auction is held each year in November and all are invited to attend. You can purchase quilts, food and baked goods, and a variety of handmade products. Everything is made and sold by the Amish women. 

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