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Schumacher Homes is based in Canton, Ohio, and serves 14 states throughout the nation. Since its beginning in 1992, it has grown to be the largest custom homebuilder in the nation and has constructed over 19,000 homes. What contributed to its success? 

In this article, we will discuss the Schumacher vision, its pre-building process, and its straightforward design process that all contribute to the company’s exponential growth over the years.

Schumacher’s Vision 

When founder Paul Schumacher first started renovating houses in Ohio, he got valuable insight into the construction process from speaking with numerous people. He learned two things:

  1. Every house requires an exceptional design
  2. People desire to build a home exactly the way they want to for an affordable price

These two realizations are what drove the company from the beginning. From then on, Paul decided that the mission of Schumacher Homes was to really listen to what his customers wanted and create homes that suit their wants and needs exactly. He knew that he needed to guarantee his customers quality services and price points that were not offered anywhere else. This vision is the main force behind the company’s huge success.

Convenient Pre-Building Procedure

Its company values guide Schumacher’s consistent efforts to provide convenient services to its customers, helping the company grow into America’s largest custom home builder. Before the building begins, it offers its customers a free, no-obligation lot evaluation to make sure the land is suitable and ready to be built on. The company also prepares the site for the customers before building begins and provides a price estimate for this, something many competitors don’t do for their customers. This makes it easy and convenient for its clients and encourages brand loyalty. Schumacher Homes will even assist clients who don’t have land yet to find a suitable spot for their new home. Overall, the process of selecting and preparing building sites is low stress for Schumacher Home’s customers, which draws more clients to this ever-growing custom homebuilder.

Flexible and Simple Design Process

Schumacher Homes allows its customers a lot of flexibility during the design stage. You can make as many or as little changes to the company’s floor plans as you want to create the home you desire. They also help customers select design features such as countertops and fixtures in their design studios, making the design process smooth and simple. This further gives them a competitive edge in the market.

Related to the design stage, Schumacher Homes uses material that is built to last. They do not skimp on the quality of the material whether its part of the foundation of the home or the exposed finishing details. The quality material distinguishes them from other custom home builders. Here is what’s included in every Schumacher home:

Granite Countertops

Beautiful material in terms of look and quality. It is the second-hardest natural mineral; therefore, it can endure daily wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for kitchen countertops.

9’ First Floor Ceilings

9’ first floor ceilings give homes a feeling of more space. Each Schumacher home is built with this design.

8’ Solid Concrete Steel Reinforced Basement Walls

Solid concrete walls are stronger and more durable than stacked hollow core block walls. They also protect your basement from moisture and water leakage from the outside. They are made to last and can save you time and money later on.

2×6 Wall Exterior Construction

2×6 walls with a concrete foundation make your home more structurally sturdy and reliable. 

OSB vs. Foam Board

OSB is stronger and more durable than foam board, which can allow air through if broken. Instead of using foam board when installing siding, Schumacher Homes uses wood instead, making the exterior walls impenetrable. 

R-19 Wall and R-50 Ceiling Insulation

Having a higher R Factor for the insulation allows for a more pleasant interior environment and can save customers money down the road.

Certainteed Dimensional Shingles

These multi-layered shingles make roofs look better due to the thickness of the material. 

PEX Water System

Schumacher’s PEX Water System distinguishes it from other custom home builders in that the material is non-corrosive and does not have chemicals. Many custom home builders use either copper which corrodes or CPVC pipes which can cause health problems from the chemicals they create.

Quartz Vanity Tops With Undermount White China Sink

Quartz is a good choice for vanity tops because it has a nice appearance, is stain resistant, and fights off bacteria. Undermount sinks can endure moisture and stay clean over time. This design feature further puts Schumacher Homes above its competitors in terms of quality.

Read the next post for a list of pros and cons of using pre-made floor plans vs. hiring an architect to create a custom home.

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