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Over the years, your driveway will become dirty with oil stains, dirt, and other contaminants. It’s important to regularly clean it so it will last for years to come. Pressure washing is an effective technique to keep your driveway fresh, crack-resistant, and stain-free. Here are six steps for DIY power cleaning.

Step One: Remove Debris From The Pavement

Before you can begin, clear off as much dirt and debris from the surface as you can. This will allow you to then focus on blasting away the tough stains that are ingrained in the surface. Also, be sure to cover up any part of your home or property that is nearby to avoid damaging it with flying debris and high pressure cleaning. A tarp works best for this.

Step Two: Degrease, Degrease, Degrease

Applying degreaser will help you eliminate the toughest stains. You can use either a large brush, broom, or power washer attachment piece. Then, you’re ready to get washing!

Step Three: Assemble the Power Washer

Next, you want to put together the pressure washer. First, attach the spray wand (for spraying the detergent) onto the pressure washer with the pressure washing hose. Then, attach the pressure washer itself to your home’s water supply using a regular hose. 

Step Four: Wash Away!

After you’ve attached the hoses and the detergent to the pressure washer, you’ll want to begin applying the detergent at the top of the driveway slope so the water can run off easily. We recommend keeping the sprayer about one foot from the pavement as you apply the detergent for a smooth coating. Make sure you overlap each stroke by a few inches for full coverage! Once you’re done, allow the solution to do its job for about 10-15 minutes. 

Step Five: Rinse!

After the solvents have sat for several minutes, it’s time to grab the high-pressure spray tip and thoroughly rinse the surface. Keep the strokes even and consistent. If there are more difficult stains, simply go slower over those areas as you’re rinsing, allowing the water pressure to gradually blast them away.

Step Six: Seal & Protect 

The last but probably most important step: sealcoat your driveway! Sealant serves as a thin protective blanket that helps prevent future staining from foot and vehicle traffic. You can apply it with a roller brush to cover the entire area. Try to keep the coat even throughout, making sure the coat is not too thick or thin.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Pressure Washer

While this job can be done by yourself, you can save a lot of time and money by hiring a local cleaning contractor. Kings Power Washing has been cleaning properties in Southern Maryland for over 15 years and has had a positive service rating from over 1,500 customers. Save money and avoid property damage and let the pros get it done for you.