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Most people are starting to think that getting organized is more of a complex thing rather than something that can be achieved simply. Just when they think that they’ve figured out the perfect way to get a particular area organized, they end up discovering that there’s an even better way to sort that area out and make it look better.

When it comes to organization, all that matters is whether or not you were able to get that area organized and sorted out. That’s where pegboards come in. Pegboards have been the latest craze when it comes to home decor and organization. It is the latest trend that involves stylish organization.

Most people know of pegboards from seeing them in various garages or different kinds of workshops. However, more people in the country are starting to see how useful and beneficial pegboards can really be in other environments. Our professionals at New Life Custom Home Builders & Home Improvement have found that there are lots of amazing ways that people can decorate with pegboards in home decor and organization. 

Here, we’ll share some of the most popular and useful ways to decorate with pegboards. Remember to consider keeping these things in mind for when you start your spring cleaning, as pegboards may be the perfect way for you to quickly sort things out.

8 Incredible Ways That You Can Decorate with Pegboards

1. Hanging Kitchen Items That Don’t Fit Anywhere Else

Almost everyone has items that won’t fit with the other items on a shelf or in the drawer due to their odd shape. In that case, it’s best to find another place to store these large, oddly shaped items. This may even work for items that are just too big to fit with everything else. Try using a pegboard to hang these items. This is a great way to keep excessive things out of the way and store them in a stylish and neat manner. Try discussing this with our professionals and custom home builders in St. Mary’s County for your kitchen remodeling project.

2. Use the Pegboard to Store Office and School Supplies

If you’re in need of a nice space to do homework or work of any kind, all you really need is a durable table and a pegboard so that you can have a place to hang up your office supplies and school supplies. Pegboards can hang things like your folders, calendars, and many other things that you’ll look to use often while you’re working.

3. Hang up Your Planters and Pots

Our custom home builders in Southern Maryland believe that pegboards are perfect for the outdoors. You can use them in the outdoors by hanging your planting pots and planters if you need extra room in your garden. This is a perfect idea for that are growing plants on their patio or balcony and have limited space.

4. Hang Pictures to Spice up Your Walls

Having your own gallery in your home is a perfect way to quickly add flavor to your home. That can be a great thing, but what if you hang your pictures and don’t like the arrangement? What if you want to change it? If you’re using adhesive, tape, or hooks, this might be pretty time-consuming.

If you use a pegboard, you can easily switch things up without hassle. This also gives you a great way to decorate your walls without damaging them.

5. Use It as a Nightstand or a Headboard

Pegboards are very versatile. So versatile that you can use them as headboards and nightstands, at the same time! Most people don’t think about benefits like this when it comes to decorating with pegboards, but you’ll love how this turns out if you try it. You can use the pegboard as a headboard and turn it into a nightstand by hanging wire shelves, small slocks, and other lightweight things on it that you would normally put on a nightstand.

It is a very easy way to add freshness and individuality.

6. Use It as an Organizer for Your Jewelry and Accessories

If you’re a fan of accessorizing with glasses, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry, you’ll find ease in organizing it all with a pegboard. You can try combining pegboards to make it big enough for you to store your entire collection there. It can be pretty frustrating having to sort through drawers or have your bathroom sink and vanity cluttered with products due to limited space. Try solving it with a pegboard and take it a step further by hanging containers to store things like makeup brushes and lipsticks.

7. Add Extra Storage to Your Doors

Most people accumulate so many things that they run out of space in their closets. This is especially true for those that are renting or living in a home long-term. To free up more space in your closets, take your pegboards and attach them to the inside of the doors. Then, you can hang small items like scissors, bags, wrapping paper, whiteboards, rolls of tape, and lots of other small things that can easily take up too much space on your desk or closet.

You can also take this same tip and apply it to your kitchen. Just put the pegboard on the inside of your cabinet doors and hang things like cookie cutters and other things with holes. 

8. Use Them to Add Organization and Style to Your Drawers

Speaking of the kitchen, pegboards come in handy in drawers as well, not just cabinets and doors. Try laying the pegboards down in your drawers and use some dowels to keep your drawers from becoming cluttered and messy. The dowels can attach to the board. The gaps between each dowel can be wide enough to fit plates, bowls, and other dishes between them.

If you’re in need of a general contractor, bathroom remodeling carpenter, or any other services for home improvement in St. Mary’s County, consider New Life Custom Home Builders & Home Improvement.

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