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Since 2013, when the BayNet was established, it has grown to be the top news source in Southern Maryland. To provide valuable and relevant content, it focuses on three words: live, work, and play. Its mission is to be the go-to source that helps St. Mary’s, Calvert, and Charles County residents improve their lives with accurate information. This article will explain two reasons why this news website has become Southern Maryland’s favorite. 

The BayNet Covers A Lot of Territory

Going digital makes this news outlet a convenient source of information for users all over the Southern Maryland region. There are two benefits to this.

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It Reaches a Larger Audience

Unlike most other Southern Maryland news sources that only reach specific counties like The Calvert County Times, The St. Mary’s County Times, and The Calvert Recorder and The Enterprise, which are now merged into the Southern Maryland News as of July 2020, The BayNet covers all three counties in the region. Because it’s online, people from all over the region can access its content. Newspapers like The Calvert County Times and The St. Mary’s County Times are only published on paper, limiting their scope. 

It Has More Variety in Its Content

Because it reaches a larger audience, The BayNet offers more variety in the type of content it provides which further distinguishes it from other news sources. Its topics include:

  • Local news
  • Weather
  • Events
  • Movies
  • Attractions
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Businesses
  • Jobs
  • Classifieds
  • Real estate 
  • Health 

Other local newspapers mainly focus on countywide news whereas The BayNet offers content on a variety of subjects for everyone, young and old. It even provides national news on its site. Its engaging content draws a variety of readers and appeals to different interests.

It Uses Engaging Multimedia to Deliver News

In addition to providing easily accessible digital content, The BayNet uses a variety of formats to deliver news to its users. It takes relevant news from the Southern Maryland News and adds onto that through blogs, videos, photos, and much more. It invites its users to engage and help provide meaningful information by submitting content to be featured.  

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