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Designing a custom home in St. Mary’s County can be a pretty big investment. Usually, it requires a lot of planning, time, and a chunk of money to get things going since you are the buyer. However, if you give it a little more thought and consideration, you could make your dream home the home you live in forever. Here are a few ways that we can make that a reality for you.

Versatility and Flexibility

We believe that the first key to building or designing a lifelong home is versatility and flexibility. While you work with a custom home builder in Southern Maryland to come up with a nice style of your future home, we think carefully about the different options and how they will serve you and your family in the long run.
Even though these options are being carefully considered, we understand that your needs and wants may not be the same a few years or even decades from now. In that case, we always stray away from looking at things with a definitive mindset. We don’t go too much into lifestyle-specific plans or designs.
For example, when working with a general contractor, you may think of getting a master bedroom built for your kids or even one that will be away from the kids’ rooms. But that won’t be relevant once they become older and move out of the house. In that case, New Life Custom Home Builders & Home Improvement make an aim to make everything as versatile and flexible as possible so that nearly every room in the house can serve those of all ages.
As another example, let’s say you’re thinking about building a home in St. Mary’s County, but you don’t have kids yet. Before you have any kids, we may think of an idea like designing matching offices that have closets and more room to tend to the kids that you may have in the future. This helps us work with you to keep an eye on the things you’d appreciate in the coming years, such as being able to easily access the most important rooms without needing to climb lots of stairs.

Designing and Building Spacious Homes

When it comes to space, most people think that a spacious home just applies to how many rooms or bedrooms are going to be added to the new home. Those are things that have an impact on how much space your home will need, but they aren’t the only things that have to do with the spacing in your home or how much space you’ll actually need.
For example, if you or another person in your family use a wheelchair, your home is going to need bigger door framing and hallways. This also goes for people that use walkers or any mobility device. A general contractor in our business is going to have to provide your home with doorways and hallways that are three feet wide, along with making the turning radius a little bit bigger for those that are using things like wheelchairs or electronic chairs. This is one of the best ways that we can make sure that everyone has an easy time getting in and out of your home. We look carefully at our designs to ensure that there’s lots of space for people to move freely and easily, regardless of age and physical ability. This could also be very beneficial for those looking to move large pieces of furniture into the house, as turning radiuses have to be bigger for that as well.

Ease of Accessibility

When we think about designing a home that’s meant to be lived in forever, accessibility is always one of the first things we think about. It is very similar to the previous point about building homes that are spacious and wide enough for those that need assistance getting around.
This means that we aim to focus on all types of mobility levels. A contractor could add a ramp to the doors of your home whenever that is needed. However, a porch with a versatile design that already includes a ramp is going to look much more attractive and appealing.

The Location of Your Home

Nearly every homeowner knows about the importance of location. Location is everything when it comes to building or living in a home that’s meant to be lifelong. Location is important for anybody living anywhere, regardless of whether or not they’re buying, renting, living there short term, or living there permanently.
Here are a few things that we may encourage you to think about while we’re planning out the location and build of your future home:

  • Is the home going to be close to all of your most important resources? This includes places like the pharmacy, grocery store, and the gas station.
  • If you have children, are there going to be schools close enough to the home for them to be able to get back and forth safely? If there are, are these schools part of a good district? Are they public or private? If private, how affordable is it?
  • Is the location an appropriate distance from the place where you work? Is daily commute going to use up a lot of gas or money needed to purchase fare for public transportation?
  • Is the location going to be safe? What are the crime statistics for this location? Is this neighborhood safe enough to raise children?

If you end having a difficult time finding answers to any of these questions, our experts will work with you to run through a typical day in your imagination. Once that gets done, you can think about how that day is going to go in the future once you get older, once the kids grow up, etc.

The Safety of Your Home

This goes much farther than the safety of the neighborhood that you’re going to be living in. Safety is one of the biggest factors that determine whether or not long term living is going to difficult. When it comes to your family or young kids, this may mean working with our contractors to put alarms and sensors on things like the windows. For adults, especially people that are older, this could mean working with our contractors to upgrading the shower and putting safety rails and bars on it to prevent slipping or falling. This is highly important for those that want to live in a home long term. If you want to plan ahead of time and make all of these things accessible right away, we can make that happen for you.
Now that you’ve learned about what we do to make your home one that you can live in forever, it’s time to get started. If you’re ready to work with us and build the home of your dreams, New Life Custom Home Builders & Home Improvement is the way to go.

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