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Are you thinking about hiring a carpenter of HomeAdvisor? Better yet, not sure if you should hire a carpenter of HomeAdvisor? Well, read on to learn more about carpenters of HomeAdvisor and whether you should hire one.  

Before jumping into the subject matter at hand, that is should I hire a carpenter of HomeAdvisor, let’s first look at HomeAdvisor. So what exactly is it? Well, HomeAdvisor, formerly ServiceMagic, is basically a contract matching service. Think of it as a place where you can get just about any contractor for any type of job. For instance, you can get a carpenter or a builder to help you with all your carpentry needs on HomeAdvisor, you can get an electrician to help you with your electrical works or even a plumber to assist with plumbing work.

While HomeAdvisor offers an ideal place to find just about any contractor, there have been incidents between contractors and customers who use it to engage in business. Whether it’s a contractor not delivering on work he/she promised to simply do a bad job or a customer failing to follow an agreement, HomeAdvisor has had its own share of problems. With such issues in place, many are doubtful when it comes to hiring contracts from HomeAdvisor. But is this fear justified? In other words, should you hire a contractor of HomeAdvisor?

To better answer this question, this post will highlight the pros and cons associated with hiring contractors of HomeAdvisor. It is our hope that upon reading this post you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether you should hire a carpenter of HomeAdvisor. Before highlighting the pros and cons associated with hiring a contractor, for example, a carpenter on HomeAdvisor. Here is a valuable small brief on this contractor matching service

HomeAdvisor Brief

As already mentioned, HomeAdvisor is a contracting matching platform. Basically, it’s an online platform that makes it easy for contractors to meet potential clients. Over the years, they’ve managed to outshine the competition when it comes to this particular service area. In fact, platforms such as Calfinder.com, the second most popular platform offering such services back in 2002, have had to close down.

With HomeAdvisor, the key has been offering the very best in service to both contractors and potential clients or customers. Equally as important is how they make money. HomeAdvisor charges contractors who’ve signed up a contractor’s fee for every successful lead. This is basically lead generation for a small compensation something that is very common in the home improvement industry.

Should You Hire A Carpenter of HomeAdvisor?

With some small knowledge about HomeAdvisor, the question of whether you should hire a carpenter of HomeAdvisor still remains. To better answer this as already mentioned below are the pros and cons associated with hiring a contractor on HomeAdvisor.


There are four key main benefits associated with hiring a contractor as a carpenter or a plumber on HomeAdvisor. These four are;

  • Easy Interface: As a customer or client looking to hire a carpenter, plumber or painter on HomeAdvisor, you’ll notice that it has a very easy to use interface. What this does is basically make it very easy for you to solicit bids from potential contractors in the event you have work to be done. Even better, this process only takes a few minutes. In other words, you can have an ideal contractor (in this case a carpenter) to work on your project in a matter of minutes  
  • Large Pool of Professionals: In addition to having an easy to use interface, HomeAdvisor boasts of having a large pool of professionals ready to offer their services. What this means for you is that you can choose from a list of top contractors to work on your project. To make the process easier for you, every contractor has reviews. You can use these reviews to make the right decision when hiring a contractor.
  • Everyone Is There: HomeAdvisor prides itself as being the largest and oldest contractor matching service not just in the country but in the world. From contractors dealing with all things lighting, plumbing, construction, and even carpentry, you’ll find whatever contractor you need on HomeAdvisor.
  • Valuable Contractor Information: Before hiring a contractor, let’s say a carpenter to handle your carpentry needs, it is important that you know a little about them. HomeAdvisor makes it very easy to do just that. All you have to do is simply visit their profile and get to scroll down as you get additional information about them. You’ll also find reviews about any given contractor. If a contractor has lots of great reviews chances are he is likely to deliver on what he promises work-wise.


  • Spotty Call-Backs: A big con with HomeAdvisor is receiving spotty call-backs from contractors. This is especially true if you happen to have reached out to a number of contractors to help handle your work.  
  • Missing Services: Despite boasting a wide range of services or contractors who offer these said services, it does lack some important sub-categories of work. This can result in you not finding an ideal contractor for the work you want to be done.
  • Dodgy Contractors: HomeAdvisor does its very best to ensure that they pre-screen every contractor that uses their platform. While this is a good step or move, their pre-screen fails to highlight certain flows. As such, you might find yourself dealing with a contractor who despite having a stamp of approval might have certain faults.

Conclusion Now that we’ve looked into some of the pros and cons associated with using HomeAdvisor to hire a contractor, you can confidently conclude whether it’s ideal for you or not. Given the convenience it offers however, hiring a contractor on HomeAdvisor, in this case, a carpenter is a perfect choice. You get to do so without having to go through all the hustles of finding one. In addition, you can easily find one who perfectly fits your budget.  

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