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Not sure which home builder you should hire in Southern Maryland to help build your custom home? This post seeks to help you make the right choice by listing 10 best custom home builders in Southern Maryland.

Settling on an ideal home builder to help build your custom home is very important. In fact, it can make or break your whole custom home building project. Unfortunately, the process of finding that right home builder for your project can prove challenging. This is more so true if you leave in areas like Southern Maryland where there are several custom home builders. To help you get it right the next time you are looking for a home builder, this post highlights 10 best custom home builders in Southern Maryland.

Below is a list of 10 best custom home builders we’ll highlight in this post;

  • New Life Builders
  • Mitchell Homes
  • Town Craft
  • Saint Marie’s Builders
  • Litz Custom Homes
  • Mason Constructions
  • Rainbow Constructions
  • Marrick Homes
  • Southern Maryland Home Builders & Developers
  • Toll Brothers

New Life Builders

Top on the list of go-to custom home builders in Southern Maryland is New Life Builders. With a 5-star rating and high recommendation on Home Advisor, this custom home builder boasts a number of positives. New Life Builders has in place professional well-trained contractors with years of experience ready to work with you closely so as to build that ideal custom home. They also boast a transparent building process that involves taking in input from homeowners at every step or stage.

In addition to custom home building, this is one of the few custom home builders in Southern Maryland that also offer home improvement services. These services include basement finishing, garage customization and deck building for homeowners who’ll love to entertain guests outside their home.

Mitchell Homes

Also high on the list of custom home builders is Mitchell Homes. With an emphasis on all things innovation and innovative home features, Mitchell Homes is a perfect choice for homeowners looking to give their home something special. Other than innovative features, they also put a high emphasis on neighborhood amenities. As such, you are bound to have your home near all the major neighborhood amenities.  

Town Craft

From a kitchen with a bay window to well-built beautiful decks or patio or even sunroofs for your home, Town Craft is an ideal choice for homeowners looking for custom home builders in the Southern Maryland area. A plus with this particular custom home builder is the number of custom homes they’ve already completed. Remember to check out their portfolio especially if you don’t have a pre-planned custom design for your home. Regardless of the design you go with, you can count on Town Craft build a custom home for you that is beautiful and most importantly one that is tailored to fit your needs and style.

Saint Marie’s Builders

Operated as a family business since 2001, this custom home builder has earned a reputation of a premier builder in Southern Maryland. Over the years Saint Marie’s Builders has helped a number of homeowners in St. Mary’s County and Calvert County build custom homes that perfectly fit their needs and style. They have in place a team of qualified contractors with lots of experience when it comes to construction and this allows them to provide top-notch custom home building services.     

Additional services they offer that are worth mentioning include pre-construction planning, detailed designing, and custom touches.

Litz Custom Homes

Litz Custom Homes is another top custom home builder in Southern Maryland. This home builder works closely with a homeowner to ensure that they not only build a custom home but one that perfectly matches the homeowner’s needs. Hence, one on one time with a builder on a regular basis is a common feature with this builder.

Another plus with Litz Custom Homes is that they use superior materials and equally important the right tools to build custom homes. In addition, they do have in place qualified builders to work on each and every project.

Mason Constructions

Known for offering custom home builder services for over 35 years now, Mason Constructions is a premier construction company that offers its services in Southern Maryland. Sherman Mason, the founder of Mason Construction, had one goal in mind when starting up this construction company and that is to build fine custom homes. He also wanted to do this in an environment that’s enjoyable for both contractors or builders and clients. Today, this is exactly what you’ll experience with Mason Construction whether you are a builder or client.

They also have an open policy when it comes to budgeting for the project. If you would like to oversee your budget step by step during construction of your new custom home then Mason Construction is one of the go-to custom home builders.

Rainbow Constructions

Rainbow Constructions understands that the process of building custom homes for their clients is a personal experience. As such, they strive in ensuring that the home they build for their customers or clients is specifically tailored to their needs. They’ve managed to deliver on this goal on every construction project they’ve taken up. A big reason why this is so is the personal connection they create with their clients on the first day. This allows them to see and understand the vision of their client or customer and ultimately deliver on their request.

For custom-built homes that are sure to have every aspect of your design, even the smallest of design elements that might be overlooked, then turn to Rainbow Constructions.

Marrick Homes

With this Southern Maryland custom home builder, sustainability is everything. As such, Marrick Homes prides itself in having a rapid build system in place that they use for every construction process. This system helps in ensuring waste elimination and energy efficiency in any given project they take up.

A plus with Marrick Homes is the process involved in settling on an ideal custom design for your home. If you approach them to build for you your custom home, you have the option of personally designing your home in one visit. From bricks to use, shingles and even shutters they’ve made the process very easy.

Southern Maryland Home Builders & Developers

Another firm that’s a must feature in just about any list of top custom home builders in Southern Maryland is Southern Maryland Home Builders & Developers. Situated in Calvert County, this firm has been offering its custom home building services since 2002. Currently, they offer their services in several Maryland communities. They include Chesapeake Beach, North Beach, Dunkirk, Upper Marlboro and St. Leonard just to mention a few. 

Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers has been providing homeowners in Maryland with quality custom homes since 1967. In fact, they have received several awards for the work they do when it comes to offering quality custom build homes. One such award is #1 Home Builder Worldwide, an award that was given to them by Fortune Magazine. Today, they’ve expanded greatly offering their services to many communities in Maryland.   

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