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Thinking of hiring an unlicensed handyman and not sure if you are making the right choice? Better yet, want to know what services are safe to get from an unlicensed handyman? Well, this post highlights this and other notables about handymen who offer their services with no license just like carpentry services.

When it comes to matters hiring a handyman, chances are that you’ve been warned against seeking services from one who is not licensed by the state. In addition, you’ve probably heard negative stories surrounding hiring or seeking services from such professionals. But is this true? Should you be worried about seeking services from an unlicensed handyman? Better yet, are unlicensed handymen good at their job?  

Understanding why a handyman is or can be without a license also helps in answering these questions. So why is a handyman without a license? There are several reasons why a handyman might not have a license. One reason for instance that is top on the list is the process of acquiring a license.

It is very difficult for a handyman to get a license in just about any state in the USA because some states simply don’t issue out licenses to handymen whether you are skilled or not. This particular fact helps answer one of the questions asked earlier and the answer to it is a handyman not having a license doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not good at their job.    

Services You Can Get From An Unlicensed Handyman

When you seek the right services from unlicensed handymen, you are likely to have a good experience. It all comes down to the service you choose to seek from them. A perfect example of what to seek from a handyman operating without a license is carpentry services. Carpentry services, in general, are not that complex. Furthermore, they are not that expensive. These two traits combine to make carpentry services perfect for any unlicensed handyman to handle.

In addition to carpentry services, there are other works you can hire an unlicensed handyman for. In this post, we’ll be looking at these additional services. The services this post will highlight are;

  • Small Home Repairs
  • Window Wraps & Casing
  • Dry Rot Repairs
  • Hand/Stair Railing
  • Cabinet & Furniture Assembly
  • Built-In Book Cases
  • Home Gate Building & Installation

Small Home Repairs

One service that is safe to get from an unlicensed handyman is small home repairs. In most cases, these repairs are not that complex and most importantly they are not that expensive. Even better, a good number of them require little time to complete. Examples of small home repairs you can get from an unlicensed handyman include replacing a toilet, repairing a garbage disposal, and covering up ceiling stain. Other repairs that are worth mentioning include fixing damaged roof vents and getting dents out of wood.

Window Wraps & Casing   

Carpentry services as already mentioned are safe to get from unlicensed handymen. Perfect examples of carpentry services you can get are window wraps and window casing. Window casing for those who aren’t familiar with is the process of installing moldings on windows. Like any other carpentry services, this work is not that complex. Even better, it is easy to complete (time-wise) and is not expensive. Window wraps process is another ideal carpentry service that’s safe to get from an unlicensed handyman.     

Dry Rot Repairs

Dry rot repairs, although something small and something that you can do on your own is an ideal service to get from a handyman who doesn’t have a license. With a handyman, you are guaranteed that you’ll be doing away with dry rot for good. In addition, a handyman, despite not having a license, can be able to spot dry rot at its early stage. What this does is help in reducing building repair costs associated with dry rot work.

Hand/Stair Railing

Also on the list of carpentry services you can get from a handyman who does not have a license is hand or stair railing. In particular, an unlicensed handyman will help build a handrail or a stair rail for your home. A handrail or stair rail is an ideal feature to add in just about any home with staircase, this is especially so if the deck in your home is 30″ (762 mm) or more above the ground. With this particular carpentry service, it is important that you work closely with the handyman you hire will so as to create a handrail that perfectly fits with your style or design.

Cabinet & Furniture Assembly

If you’ve purchased ready-to-assemble furniture or cabinet and you are not sure how to go about it, seeking services of an unlicensed handyman is not just safe but ideal. He or she will be able to correctly assemble the separate components in any given ready-to-assemble furniture or cabinet pack.  

Built-In Book Cases

Do you love reading and as a result have lots of books or magazines? Do you have kids or anybody in your family that loves reading and also has a number of books in your home? If so, seeking carpentry services from an unlicensed handyman is a safe option. In particular, you want a handyman to build for you a bookcase. With a bookcase, you’ll have an ideal place to store or keep all your books. The process of building a bookcase is quick and easy making it safe to seek service from a handyman who is not licensed.

Home Gate Building & Installation

If you are thinking of building a gate for your home a handyman who is not licensed is in a position to help you build one. Furthermore, he/she can also install the gate for you in your home. Depending on the design you go for, this is a very safe service to get from an unlicensed handyman. Do keep in mind however that for you to have or get a gate for your home that perfectly matches your design, it is best to always keep in touch with the handyman you hire when he is building your home gate.

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